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Keep up with the latest conversations around group voluntary benefits.


Seven Underwriting Myths Dispelled: Using data to improve your benefits package.

We debunk common myths surrounding the underwriting process that could be holding your benefits package back. Gain valuable expert insights and data-driven strategies to enhance your clients’ benefits offering.
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Decoding financial perceptions: Stability among working Americans and the case for voluntary benefits

New proprietary findings can help you take your client engagement, employee communications, and business practice to the next level.
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Five Group Whole Life Conversation Starters

What benefits producer doesn’t want to generate more meetings? Learn five conversation starters to drive interest in Group Whole Life and get clients to say, “Tell me more”.
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Six benefit trends you need to know for 2023

Watch our recent 30 -minute webinar with LIMRA as we learn what's on the mind of working Americans and the implications for the benefits landscape for this year.
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