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¹ Access to cash values through borrowing or partial surrenders will reduce the certificate’s cash value and death benefit, increase the chance the certificate will lapse, and may result in a tax liability if the certificate terminates before the death of the insured.
² The Chronic Care Benefit may not be available in your state. Check with your MassMutual representative.
³ The payment of the Chronic Care Benefit will reduce the certificate’s death benefit and any cash value. The certificate’s premium payments will then be based on the reduced amount of insurance and the rates in effect for the policy. Receipt of the Chronic Care Benefits under the certificate MAY AFFECT MEDICAID and SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (“SSI”) eligibility. Contact the Medicaid Unit of the local Department of Public Welfare and the Social Security Administration Office for more information. 
⁴ The Chronic Care Benefit is intended to qualify for favorable tax treatment under Section 101(g) of the Internal Revenue Code. Based upon the current tax code, benefits provided by this Endorsement may be taxable if the Insured is not the certificate owner, the spouse of the certificate owner, or the dependent child of the certificate owner. Certificate owners should seek tax advice from their tax advisor prior to requesting a Chronic Care Benefit payment.

The information provided is not written or intended as specific tax or legal advice. MassMutual, its subsidiaries, employees and representatives are not authorized to give tax or legal advice. Individuals are encouraged to seek advice from their own tax or legal counsel.

The products and/or certain features may not be available in all states. State variations will apply.
Group Whole Life Insurance (GPWL), (policy/certificate forms MM-GPWL-2014 and MM-GCWL-2014, and MM-GPWL-2014 (NC) and MM-GCWL-2014 (NC) in North Carolina), is level-premium, participating permanent life insurance. The GPWL policy and GCWL certificates are issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Springfield, MA 01111-0001.