Chronic Care

Reducing the stress of a Chronic Illness.

The acceleration of the death benefit is intended to be tax advantaged under §101(g) of the Internal Revenue Code. The insured must be chronically ill, as defined in 26 USC 7702B. Certificateowners should seek tax advice from their tax advisor regarding an acceleration of their death benefit. Receipt of accelerated death benefits may be taxable. Accelerating the payment of the certificate death benefit may affect eligibility for public assistance programs, including MEDICAID and SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (“SSI”). Contact the Medicaid Unit of the local Department of Public Welfare and the Social Security Administration Office for more information. The payment of the Chronic Care Benefit will reduce the certificate’s death benefit, any cash value and any loan values. The certificate’s premium payments will then be based on the reduced amount of insurance and the rates in effect for the policy. There is no premium required for this benefit, however, there is a fee if the provision is exercised. Please carefully read the accelerated death benefit disclosure provided at application. Restrictions and limitations will apply. This material is not for use in California or New York. The product and/or certain features may not be available in all states. State variations may apply.