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The pathway to voluntary benefits success

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Q1 2024: Rising resilience, rising threats

The first edition of The pathway to voluntary benefits success quarterly report covers a new high for the Workforce Financial Stability Score* (WFSS) as working Americans defy economic headwinds and strive for financial well-being success. However, underneath the headline figures lie a complex picture, with deep divisions between the three different working American segments and varying concerns.

What's in the report?

Infographic: Circle chart "The WFSS hit a high of 58.3 in February" and Circle chart "but by March it had slumped back to 54.2"

1. Quarterly scores

At the start of the year, working Americans' self-confidence and resilience to manage budgets reigned high. However, deeper financial well-being was remarkably low in March as perhaps an emerging downward shift is looming.


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Infographic: Circle chart stating "81% of Challenged Americans are worried about affording unexpected expenses" and Circle chart stating "compared to 16% of Healthy Americans, a growing gap"

2. Segments up-close

Financially Challenged working Americans are noticeably more concerned about being able to spend outside of bills and necessities. The Financially Stable are also uneasy, with only Financially Healthy individuals facing fewer challenges.


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Infographic: Circle chart "59% of Working Americans see the value of voluntary benefits."

3. Spotlight insights

Most of the working Americans we surveyed, particularly the Financially Healthy, see the value in voluntary benefits. To boost their importance, educate on affordability, coverage gaps, long-term savings, and role in holistic financial planning.


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Resources you can use

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*The MassMutual Workforce Stability Score measures the changing attitudes and financial outlook of working Americans. Commissioned by MassMutual, the research began in June 2022 and is conducted online, monthly, among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 U.S. middle-market employees. For purposes of this research, MassMutual defines working Americans and middle-market employees as those working at firms with at least 25 benefit-eligible employees with a household income of $40,000 to less than $150,000, and assets less than $300,000.

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